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MR PROJECT (Exterior)

A project that smells like summer!

Project details

With refinement and sophistication, we present the MR Landscape Project, which encompasses a 700m2 garden and a large, elegant regional kitchen. This remarkable transformation of a once abandoned house has achieved national recognition.

Every element of this garden has been meticulously designed, from the selection of plant species to the planning of the flower beds, the layout and the design of a lounge, among other details. Every decision was made with the aim of creating an outdoor space that honors the elegance inherent in this 1950s villa.

At Duality, we design exterior spaces with the same precision and attention to detail as we do interior spaces. For us, a house is only truly functional when there is perfect harmony between the interior and exterior.

Client: AnĂ³nimo

Location: Maia

Year: 2023

Designer: Filipa Ribeiro

Landscape architect: Vasco Duarte