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Refurbishment of an apartment in downtown Porto

Project details

If there is a definition of interior refurbishment, this project meets all the requirements. Everything in this apartment has been altered in order to turn a home that was over 30 years old into an apartment that keeps up with the latest construction trends.

The first step in this refurbishment was to change the layout of the house. As with all our projects, Duality focuses on our clients' day-to-day lives and routines to create a living environment and layout that fits in with their lifestyle. In this sense, we chose to connect the kitchen and living room in an openspace with a support counter, as well as using the balcony to extend the living room and create a lounge. We gave up an unused bedroom to create a walk-in closet and, finally, we changed the entire layout of the bathroom in order to maximize its space.

Duality was also responsible for all the work on the house, such as demolishing walls, creating a new water and electricity network, plasterboarding, painting, fitting the kitchen and bathroom, laying floors, etc.

Finally, we carried out the decoration project where everything was created and produced by our company.

Decoration is what makes the biggest impact on a home. The fact that we create everything according to our client makes our projects unique. Everything is made to measure, from furniture, rugs, pictures, cushions, sofas, etc.
The OB Project is a true example of how any home can be completely transformed so that the client feels like they are in a new home.

Client: Orlando e Bruno

Location: Baixa do Porto

Year: 2020

Designer: Filipa Ribeiro


Before Image After Image


Before Image After Image